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          1. JiangSu HuaYi Group
            Jiangsu Huayi

              Jiangsu Huayi Group, go to the world.

            About Us

            Jiangsu Huayi was founded in 1979. It has developed from Hai'an Tie-dyeing Factory, Hai'an Industrial Art Group, Nantong Huayi Tie-dyeing Garment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huayi Garment Co., Ltd.

            Organization Structure

            Huayi Group has established corporate governance structure and organization and management system in accordance with modern enterprise standard.

            Huayi Culture

              Is there universal value in the world? Our answer is yes...


              Second prize for modernization innovation achievement of enterprise management; Contribution award for product development of China Textile Industry Association...

            Huayi Video
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            WeChat Platform

            Website link:professional website | Huayi Ali CTP | 1984 Library Mailbox | 【Admin】